Why Eat Meat?

Why does anyone eat meat? Really? What’s it all about for the masses who consume animals on a daily basis? Is it routine because they are used to it? Is it because they are conditioned to think you can’t have a proper dinner without a main course of meat? Is it because they love the taste of a dead cooked animal? Or is it because they believe they need the protein?


Why Eat Meat?


All of those reasons above explain why many people argue that they cannot live without meat.


For us in the vegan community, it is the total opposite. We spend a lot of time making sure we do not consume anything from an animal. If we go to the store, we must read the labels carefully to be sure there are no animal products in the package, no matter how slight. In a restaurant we always must ask for the food item without bacon on a salad, cheese on a pasta dish, or anything cooked in animal fat.


We want to lead a healthier lifestyle and for us and plenty of vegans this means absolutely no meat anywhere near our plate or in our homes.


Thankfully, more grocery store chains such as Whole Foods Market in the states and Veganz in Europe (with one opening in Portland, Oregon in 2016) are beginning to recognize and cater to the demand for more vegan products. Veganz, based in Berlin, Germany, is entirely vegan. What a treat for any vegan to walk through an entire grocery store and know every single item is acceptable for a vegan palate. No need to read labels or search for items listed with a V. That would be a dream come true.


Restaurants also are becoming more accustomed to serving vegans and offer vegetarian or vegan options. It can be quite easy to adjust a vegetarian item to a vegan one. There is no need to eat meat since plenty of traditional dishes are now served with tofu and seitan. You can mimic meat if you really desire that look and feel. Think about all the vegan products made by Gardein and Beyond Meat (fake meat items) that are showing up on freezer shelves in Walmart and various grocery stores throughout the United States. This is a positive and welcome sign.


Many of us do not eat meat for a variety of reasons. Beyond the health benefits, we don’t want to participate in the killing of innocent souls for our consumption. Who can look into the eyes of a cow or pig or chicken and not feel their humanity. They deserve the dignity of life as much as any human being.




So why eat meat? Life is so much sweeter without it.


Why Eat Meat?

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