The Essential Vegan Travel Guide – Book Review

The Essential Vegan Travel Guide: 2016 Edition by Caitlin Galer-Unti has recently been published. The Essential Vegan Travel Guide is an excellent and thoroughly researched book. It’s aimed at the vegan who travels around the world and really wants information before heading into a new city.

Essential Vegan Travel Guide 2016 Edition

Galer-Unti provides massive amounts of details that could benefit any vegan or vegetarian traveler. She has definitely done her homework. She provides in depth info on restaurants, how to meet other vegans and like-minded people. She describes how to use Google Maps, where to stay and how to pick whether to stay in a hotel, hostel, Airbnb or Couchsurf. Galer-Unti also helps you determine what and how to pack and what to do when you actually get to your destination. She even gives emergency recipes. Did you ever think about preparing couscous in your hotel coffeepot? Galer-Unti provides numerous tips and resources, all of which are so useful.


Galer-Unti talks about Happy Cow and the benefits of using this guide to find vegan and vegetarian restaurants around the world. She explains that sometimes the information is not up to date. Happy Cow may even not include many newer spots that you might want to find.


She shares some personal stories and we can all learn from what she has experienced. Some restaurants in Italy may be closed during the month of August. Sometimes you must rely on friends of friends or even websites to find food to eat in certain places. Occasionally the hours are listed wrong or even the address has changed.


Be friendly and open to meeting people through Meetup groups or finding help through apps or vegan or vegetarian networks like Volentia (something brand new to us).


Galer-Unti helps the vegan traveler learn what to say in a restaurant in order to be sure to get non-meat and nondairy items. In Thailand you can say the Thai word “jay” and in Vietnam and Cambodia use the word “chay” and that will help you get vegan food. Amazing new information!


Our suggestion is to log onto Amazon and buy this splendid resource-packed vegan guide today or before your next trip. We guarantee that The Essential Vegan Travel Guide 2016 Edition will become your new best friend and constant companion. Pick up The Essential Vegan Travel Guide 2016 Edition now!

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