Sapodilla Woman

Zihua Sapodilla WomanScoping out the market in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, we found a great sapodilla source. This happened as we roamed through all the markets in Centro, downtown Zihua. There are loads of shops and stalls with bountiful fruit flowing from the bins. The colors of bananas, tomatoes and papayas capture our eyes as we hurry past.

We are in search of the sapodilla woman. We found her on a street corner, not even in a stall. She smiles so sweetly and offers up equally sweet fruit, the best sapodillas we found in Zihua. She also sells us avocados, limes and cactus pieces (nopales as it’s called here).

Sapodilla + Finger
Outside of a Sapodilla

Sapodilla is a sweet fruit that tastes like a pear with sugar on top. They ripen off of the tree usually and go from firm to soft, like an avocado. Sapodilla is an amazing breakfast fruit. Sapodilla is delicious, a must try.

Each day we seek her out as we have gobbled up the sapodillas that morning and need our fix. We managed to indulge in her sweet, juicy sapodillas for a couple of weeks, but now she is out. Oh dear. What will we do? Have to go without as no one else has anything to compare. She has promised us to have more ripe fruit in a few weeks.

Inside a Ripe Sapodilla
Inside a Ripe Sapodilla


So we await the days and focus on eating something else, anything else so we forget about her delicious sapodillas. Watermelon is nice and papayas with lime is quite divine but we long for the day Miss Sapodilla returns to her corner.

We always say Gracias for her offerings and she responds back in Spanish, of course, no Gracias to you. What a charming woman.

Please come back soon! We miss you!

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