Zihuatanejo Produce Prices


Zihuatanejo has an incredible produce market. While we look the other way when we see fish and meat, the market is still a great place for vegans. Located in downtown (also called Centro), the market is open daily and full of good produce. Zihuatanejo produce prices are low, especially compared to the United States.   … Read more

Carlos Caballero – The Seed Whisperer

Carlos Caballero

His name is Carlos Caballero but we have nicknamed him The Seed Whisperer. Caballero loves the earth, the sun and the sky. He is most connected with all living things and he wants us to get in touch with our roots too. Caballero presented a sprouting workshop at the Cooperativa Eco Vegana in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. … Read more

Cooperativa Eco-Vegana: Review

Cooperativa Eco-Vegana

The Cooperativa Eco-Vegana is an amazing group in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. They promote veganism, environmentalism and an overall compassionate way of living.   As vegans staying in Zihuatanejo, we have found the Cooperativa Eco-Vegana has and continues to be an outstanding community. Lectures, vegan meals and great information are some of the strong points.   The … Read more

Sapodilla Woman

Zihua Sapodilla Woman

Scoping out the market in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, we found a great sapodilla source. This happened as we roamed through all the markets in Centro, downtown Zihua. There are loads of shops and stalls with bountiful fruit flowing from the bins. The colors of bananas, tomatoes and papayas capture our eyes as we hurry past. We … Read more

Vegan Travelers: Eat Seasonally & Save Money

scene in portugal / island of madeira / funchal / mercado dos lavradores

    Eating seasonally will empower you as a vegan traveler. What does it mean to eat seasonally? Well, eating seasonally means that you eat whatever the local area is producing. If you’re in Hawaii you’d eat more apple bananas (a different banana cultivar) and papayas, indulge in figs and hazelnuts in Turkey, and rice … Read more