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Going home as a traveler or nomadic person is still a great experience. While some people never want to go home, the dynamic duo here at Vegans Travel enjoy being home (and are home at the time of this writing). Even as a digital nomad, going home (or even to your home country) can be a grounding and reflective time.


Seeing old friends and family allows you to reconnect and discuss all the latest happenings. While you can always make new friends, the friends or family you grew up with are a joy to be around.


Going home doesn’t mean you have to own a home or rent an apartment either. If you have family in your home town, or friends, you can stay with them for a little bit. Airbnb or another low cost accommodation can work too.


While getting uncomfortable is how you grow as a person, heading back to a familiar environment can help to relax you. Seeing trees, grass and a beautiful landscape as you remember it so well brings back memories. Hopefully they are fond memories, but either way it’s a chance to reflect upon things.


Introspection is a fantastic way to reinvigorate yourself. If you’re feeling iffy or down, look inward, take a deep breath and you’ll be that much closer to getting on the right track. Doing this at home, in a familiar place makes getting in the zone easier.


St. Petersburg, Florida
St. Pete, Florida Home of Vegans Travel, photo from Flickr user Ryan Abel


Heading home doesn’t mean you’re done traveling altogether. If you planned to travel for a certain period of time and you come home before, you have not failed. It simply means you’re going to reflect and regroup and when the stars align themselves again, you’ll head off on another exhilarating journey.


Enjoy your travels, time at home and every step in between. Keep it vegan too! Ciao from Vegans Travel!

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  1. I’m glad I met you (and thanks for the jakka), I hope you liked my little town.

    Enjoy your loved ones before you go to the next adventure, hope to see you again one day 🙂
    good luck !

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