Black Sapote: Tropical Delight

Black Sapote
Black Sapote for sale in Mexico

Black Sapote (or Zapote Negro in Spanish) is a lovely tropical fruit. It is grown throughout different tropical regions and native to Eastern Mexico (and the Caribbean, etc.).


What does a ripe Black Sapote taste like? It’s subtly sweet with a thick, pudding like texture. That’s why it’s also called chocolate pudding fruit! While the flavor of Black Sapote isn’t as strong as a mango or mamey, it’s easy to appreciate.


What is the nutritional benefit of Black Sapote? Like any whole, natural food, Black Sapote is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Here’s what this University of Florida / IFAS article said: Black Sapotes contain a fair amount of vitamin A, are a good source of Vitamin C and have a relatively high amount of potassium and small  amounts of other vitamins and  minerals.  100 grams of fruit  contains 134 calories, 2.1 g protein, a trace of fat, 33.8 g carbohydrate, 344 mg potassium, 20 mg vitamin C  and 410 IU vitamin A.


Black Sapote Stash FL
Black Sapote stash from Florida


Black Sapotes sometimes take a while to ripen. They are related to persimmons, a fruit that you can buy at Thanksgiving and finally eat by Christmas!


If you can’t find ripe Black Sapotes, make sure to store the unripe fruit in a humid place. The fruit requires humidity to grow and ripen. Storing Black Sapotes in a paper bag with other fruit (apples, bananas, or avocados) can help release ethylene gas, a ripening agent.


Additionally, when selecting Black Sapotes to buy, take a look at the top on the fruit (called a calyx). While it’s not always clear, the calyx on each Black Sapote you buy should be lifted.


Black Sapote CalyxThis can mean the difference between a Black Sapote that will ripen and a Black Sapote that will never ripen!


Choose your Black Sapotes wisely. Let them ripen, get nice and soft and put them in the fridge. Cut them in half, take out the seeds and enjoy! There’s nothing like a ripe Black Sapote.

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