About Vegans Travel

Octavine and Alex with Frangipani flowersVegan travelers, Octavine Swanson and her son Alex Curtis-Slep have teamed up to housesit and petsit across the globe! Octavine and Alex want YOU to see the world too!


Vegans Travel will provide in-depth guides to specific cities and countries, insights from other travelers and much more!


Octavine began her journey at the age of 15 when she saw a calf born on a local farm in western New York. Upon learning that the baby bull would soon become a hot dog, she promptly stopped eating meat and became a vegetarian. When her children were born she raised both Veronika and Alex as vegetarians too. Later when her children became more enlightened they all turned to the vegan lifestyle as the most humane way to live.


Alex was raised vegetarian, thanks to his Mom’s forward thinking. Unfortunately, Alex grew up a junk food vegetarian. While he didn’t eat meat, he ate everything that was vegetarian, and little fruits and vegetables. Eventually it caught up to him as he gained weight and felt less healthy. After some time spent in the gym, Alex began to research and question his own eating habits.


Tons of bananas and smoothies later, Alex is vegan and shows everlasting passion for it.


Octavine and Alex have given up their home in Florida and travel the globe via housesitting and petsitting. While exploring different countries, Octavine and Alex discover what vegan treats can be found wherever they touch down. We’ll enlighten and broaden your vegan insight along the way. Please feel free to email us and ask questions. The vegan travel pursuit will be easier for you as we trailblaze the way.