5 Countries Alex Wants to Visit


Alex recently made a video about 5 countries he wants to visit. As a traveler, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where to go, as the world is so vast. Alex wants to go just about anywhere, but here’s an expanded version of his Top 5 countries (in no particular order):


1. Cuba

Varadero Beach in Cuba
Varadero Beach, picture from scaturchio on Flickr

Cuba has been on Alex’s radar for a little while now. Cuba has lots of appeal. Cuba’s national fruit is the exotic Mamey Sapote (Alex’s favorite fruit), Cuba boasts a tropical climate and Alex could practice his Spanish in Cuba.


Mamey Sapote
Mamey Sapote cut in half

Mamey Sapote is one special fruit. Pictured above, a ripe Mamey is tantalizing to the tastebuds. Once soft to the touch, Mamey Sapote’s can be cut in half and the orange part is eaten, the skin and seed are inedible.


The taste is like a pumpkin pie, sweet potato, super sweet and rich treat. It’s tough to describe, but wow, does it taste great! They’re exported from Florida in the United States, possibly other tropical climates export Mameys as well. Try to request Mamey Sapotes in your area (or travel to a tropical paradise during Mamey season).


Alex is just in the process of increasing his Spanish proficiency. Studying daily, the chance to use Spanish in Cuba would be a dream come true. Practice makes perfect and Cuba offers a beautiful landscape to practice in.


2. Germany


Garmisch-Partenkirchen Mountain
Garmisch-Partenkirchen Mountain, photo from barnyz on Flickr

Germany is growing more and more on Alex. Germany was recently covered here on Vegans Travel as an up and coming Vegan paradise. From Vegan food becoming common in Berlin, to the Veganz supermarket, and don’t even get Alex started on some of the female Vegan personalities (like Jilicious Journey) in Germany.


There are over 300 results for Berlin on Happy Cow. That number alone is remarkable. The Vegan movement in Germany is there to stay. In more populated cities like Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, more and more vegan restaurants and Meetups are happening.


3. Thailand


Koh Samui, Thailand
Koh Samui, Thailand from Chi King on Flickr

Thailand looks like an amazing country. From fruit farm filled Chanthaburi, the Thai Fruit Festival and Thai massages, how could you go wrong?


The number one thing attracting Alex to Thailand is the Thai Fruit Festival, which is held in Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai, specifically) every June. This is a unique festival where tons of vegans come to Thailand to enjoy what it has to offer.


Alex is hoping to go this June, but hasn’t yet (keyword yet!) booked a flight. Once Alex goes to the Thai Fruit Festival, look for extended Thai themed posts here at Vegans Travel!


4. Laos

Laos Landscape
Laos Landscape, from l@mie on Flickr

Laos isn’t as well known as most of the countries on this list, but Laos still looks awesome. Vientiane, the capital city, has immaculate architecture, and some vegan food.


5. Brunei

Dalit Durian
Dalit Durian photo from fmpgoh on Flickr

Brunei appears to be a fruit lovers dream. Alex is passionate about all fruit, but especially tropical and exotic fruits. Rambutan, durian and jackfruit are all common in Brunei.


What countries do you want to visit? Comment below and let us know!

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